Client Testimonials

Barry L. Dennis' Client Testimonials

"Barry has served us well. He earned our trust by listening to our needs and concerns and by guiding us in a direction that has not only been effective but comfortable to I ye with. Barry carefully developed a portfolio to meet our very specific situation and has monitored it diligently, keeping us well informed. We have been retired and living our dream for the past ten years. Barry and his Associates continue to share the benefit of their expertise for our financial future." - Bob and Bea, Passmaquoddy Bay

"Always there on demand, quick service, explains thoroughly, assists in organizing our financial affairs so we can understand our situation. He is friendly, easy to talk to, talks in words we can understand. We highly recommend Barry and the services he provides. I feel he always gives the best advice for us, in our best interest." - Toby Campbell, Rexton

"Over these ten years that I have known Barry, I have met regularly with him and I have been party to his investment advice for me. his has been a decision making process which I have come to understand and to enjoy. I have also been made aware of Barry’s research” trips and he has often talked over with me the basics of what he learned in his sem nars. We openly discuss the ‘swings” in the market and we regularly discuss investment opportunities. These efforts to involve me at an informed, decisionmaking level are a sure indication of both his interest in his clients and his ability to make them comfortable with financial decision making. It also underlines strongly his ability to work with people and to involve them in a process which, in my own case, is far removed from the professional research fields (Seventeenth Century Spanish Poetry!) in which I am interested." - Roger Moore, PhD, 3M National Teaching Fellow (2000)

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